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Down Arrow


VOIDFALLEN - a new rising name on the field of Finnish melodic death metal – released their first EP ”The Sinners, The Plague and The Voidfallen” last September with a bang. This newcomer has been taking huge steps forward since their first moments of existance and eventhough the journey so far hasn't been too long, oh boy – has it been bright! The EP release has gained loads of prasing words worldwide and VOIDFALLEN also joined forces this fall with another Finnish rising star VORNA on their album release tour in Finland.
VOIDFALLEN is a well polished, planned and executed package that sherishes both close-to-perfection compositions and the visual side of the band. VOIDFALLEN is a perfect example of a Finnish ”ace-on-the-sleeve” type of band that makes the whole world sigh ”Okey dokey Finland – you did it again, didni't you?” 

Voidfallen released their debut album "The Atlas Of Spiritual Apocalypse" in 2021. 

Tommi Kangaskortet - vocals
Henri Vuorenmaa - guitar
Aleksi Tossavainen - guitar
Lauri Myllylä - bass
Mika Lumijärvi - drums