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Original idea of the folk metal band Verikalpa became alive a long time before the actual band had it’s form. Couple of demos were recorded and were self published in 2012. Verikalpa was officially born in Fall 2015 when the band had its confirmed line up and first gig ever.In 2016 Verikalpa started working with their debut album ‘’Taistelutahto’’. After a few gigs and a hard work at the rehearsal place, Verikalpa finally hit the studio in December of that year.2017, while recording the album,

Verikalpa also did a few shows, one of them being a warm up gig for the legendary Irish band Primordial in Helsinki. First single ‘’Pahan Laulu’’ was released in May 2017. The track had a great welcome in youtube hitting 100k views quite fast. The second single ‘’Tyrmä’’ was the band’s first real music video and was released in December 2017, which also had great reviews.The debut album ‘’Taistelutahto’’ finally saw the daylight in February 2018 and was released by finnish Inverse Records. The album had great reviews over the globe and after the release band had a bunch of gigs including couple huge summer festival shows at Nummirock and Qstock.While doing shows, Verikalpa was writing and rehearsing new songs for the second album already. In January 2019 Verikalpa hit the studio again to record the second album.In 2019 band had some lineup changes when the drummer Aleksi Heiskanen and lead guitarist Janne Niva decided to leave the band for personal reasons. No drama was involved. Aleksi did record the drums for the second album and is involved in the production.New members were found pretty quickly. Easy choices were made when the drummer Jari Huttunen who already had played one gig with Verikalpa wanted to join the band. The other one was an easy choice too when the lead guitarist Sami Ikonen had already practiced all the songs on his own just cause he liked the songs, and then he also wanted to join the band after the news of Janne’s departure.First gig with the new lineup was in May 2019. Verikalpa signed a record deal with Scarlet records for their second studio album “Tuoppitanssi” in the end of 2019 and it’s coming out on 21st of February, the album will be a definitive Verikalpa album with their trademark sound of twisted melodies, tough riffs and a lot of groove. Even before the album is coming out Verikalpa has booked a lot of shows in Finland for the beginning of 2020 for their anxious fans gearing up for the second chapter in the story of Verikalpa!

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