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Down Arrow


SCAR SYMMETRY was formed in 2004 when Jonas Kjellgren, Henrik Ohlsson, Per Nilsson, Christian Älvestam and Kenneth Seil decided to put together a brand new constellation that would express a fresh and heavy form of catchy death metal without any boundaries whatsoever.
The band wanted to incorporate huge synthesizers into the music, along with blazing virtuoso guitar soloing, which would all be backed up with complex but catchy rhythms and every style of singing known to metal in general. 
Scar Symmetry released their first album "Symmetric in Design"in 2005via Cold Records. The second album ”Pitch Black Progress” followed soon after this in 2006 when the band was signed to Nuclear Blast. 

Enter 2008, the second album, “Holographic Universe”, for the long running German label took the band not only a few more steps up. Shortly after the release of the album, the band parted ways with their singer Christian Älvestam and he was replaced by phenomenal dynamic duo Roberth Karlsson & Lars Palmqvist for harsh and clean vocals.
The next albums ”Dark Matter Dimensions” (2009), ”The Unseen Empire” (2011) and ”The Singularity: Phase 1 – Neohumanity (2014) have launched the band even higher. ”The Singularity: Phase II – Xenotaph” is waiting to be released sometime in the near future and of course, this is something worth waiting for!
Swedish melodeath at its best! Exactly how we like it. 


Per Nilsson - guitar

Banjamin Ellis - guitar

Lars Palmqvist - Vocals

Roberth Karlsson - vocals

Henrik Olsson - drums

ScarSymmetry_untitled_190330 _ 224632_JaniKormu_Kormugraphy_0838.jpg