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Down Arrow


I Am Your God is a group of young lads from Rovaniemi, Finland that released their debut album ”The Resurrection” last year (2020) through German record label Out Of Line Music. The album has streamed over 800k times only on Spotify and the overall feedback has been positive. I Am Your God's strengths are definitely in catchy and emotional melodies combined to heavy riffs spiced up with both growls and clean vocals. Melodic death metal but the weight lies more on the word melodic.

Pure passion, vibrating energy and kickass tunes... we predict great things to this young band and are happy to be part of their journey!


Vocals - Julius Vetämäjärvi
Guitar - Matti Hietala
Guitar - Joonas Erkkonen
Bass - Joonas Roivainen
Drums - Atte Auti

i am your god 4.jpg